Future-Touch is specialized in trend forecasting and the translation of future trends into innovation. We create custom-made trend forecasts for the cosmetic, raw material, half product and food industry. Custom-made trend forecasts are based on the identity of your company and focus on the available production technologies. Our custom made trend forecasting lead to a future vision for your company in terms of innovation, reaching new markets, a strategy for a the integration of new production such as 3D print technology, color concepts, entering new countries or a concept for a new product range.

We foresaw the huge impact of 3D print in an early stage therefore we specialized in 3D print and focused on new possibilities it brings the industry and consumers.

SERVICES – Future Trends – B2C

Future-Touch is specialized in multi level trend forecasting and the translation of future trends into innovation. We create visual consumer trend forecasts of colors, effect pigments, textures and shapes as well non-visual consumer behavior forecasts such as future claims for the care industry, the deep influence of sustainability and 3D print developments on consumer behavior. We extract the social consequences of these trends and translate them to valuable forecasts that leads to innovation.

SERVICES – Future Trends – B2B

Future-Touch is specialized in trend forecasting and innovation at a B2B level in which we communicate future trends and innovations from our clients to their clients. We create digital marketing trend presentations with sample boxes, as well as workshops to specific clients.

Van den Berg was in 1992 the first world wide to develop B2B marketing trend presentations for the raw material industry. She travelled all over the world to give presentations to companies like Jaguar, Renault, Crown Wall papers, Procter & Gamble, Gamma Croma, Deborah, Intercos, Woolworths and many more.

Our famous digital presentations and workshops for the cosmetic industry are world wide used by  L’Oreal, LVMH, Chanel, Dior, Shisheido, Schwan Cosmetics, Kiko, Dow Corning, Beiersdorf, Clarins and many more.

SERVICES – Aesthetic Innovation

While innovating we follow our design philosophy ‘Aesthetic Innovation’. This philosophy is based on existing techniques and unveils their unused posibilities to create new visual qualities; it integrates trends and manufacturing in the innovation process. This process is always driven by future trends and the specific identity of a company.

Antoinette van den Berg received the award  “De aanmoedigings prijs van Emmy van Leersum” for her design philosophy “Aesthetic Innovation”.

SERVICES – Strategy

Future trends and innovation are part of a long term strategy of a company. Antoinette creates concepts and strategies on management level that incorporates changing consumer behavior and new developments such as 3D print.

As an example, van den Berg created recently 5 concepts on how to integrate 3D print in the business of a top-level subcontractor in the cosmetic industry, focusing on concepts that work in the future and at the same time can be introduced already in the present.

SERVICES – 3D Print Design

The leading spirit of Future-Touch, Antoinette van den Berg, foresaw the huge impact of 3D print in an early stage; therefore she specialized in 3D print and focused on new possibilities that it provides the industry and consumers. In 2013 she launched her 3D print accessory label TouchéToday touchetoday.com. This gave her even more experience in the field 3D print and it’s innovative possibilities. 3D print is more than a production method: it offers the possibility to produce locally and with very small production volumes.

Nowadays Future-Touch has a team of 3D print designers and have great contacts in the 3D print industries and networks. We do develop 3D print strategies for companies amongst whom the top of the cosmetic industry.

SERVICES – Speaker

Antoinette van den Berg is a well-known speaker at congresses, international fairs and company events. Accompanied by movie clips and music, van den Berg explains her vision of the future and applies future trends on specific businesses. This acts as an eye opener that broadens everybody’s mind and way of thinking.

Large companies like L’Oreal, LVMH, Chanel, YSL, Clarins, Shisheido, H&M,  Sephora, Beiersdorf, BASF, Dow, Procter & Gamble and Unilever, attended Antoinette’s trend presentations in cities like Paris, Bangkok, Seoul, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

SERVICES – Workshops

In our workshops Antoinette van den Berg shares her future vision with a team. She stimulates people to think open minded towards future possibilities such as new product concepts, new or different use of products and machinery, and to discover innovative markets. The leading theme is above all: how to apply future trend on a specific business and innovate accordingly.

Antoinette recently gave workshops to for example Schwan Cosmetics, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, L’Oreal and Beiersdorf.

Workshops can include a live trend tour in which Antoinette shows a team how and where to notice relevant trends for a company. Antoinette gave several trend tours in Paris.


SERVICES – Photography

Trend and product innovation do not stand alone. Photography of trends and innovations is essential in comunicating new ideas, products and visions. Future-Touch provides this service with Antoinette van den Berg as art director, linking future trends, innovation, styling and vision all together in an image.