Future-Touch is an Amsterdam-based design studio that matches the competence of its clients with future trends through innovation. Future-Touch works on an international level. Antoinette van den Berg is the founder and leading spirit of Future-Touch.

US Future Touch – The Studio

Future-Touch works with a team of young professionals from all over the world. The team is made up of talented designers, graphic designers, illustrators, web designers assistents and models.


Dutch designer and trend forecaster Antoinette van den Berg started Future-Touch when she was living in Italy. Nowadays, the studio is based at De Herengracht. This location is at one of the three most important canals of the Centre of Amsterdam and in middle of the trendy area “De Negen Straatjes”, “The Nine Streets”.

US – Future Touch – Antoinette van den Berg

Antoinette van den Berg is the leading spirit and founder of trend and product forecasting studio Future-Touch. She is a forecaster of note who integrates trends and manufacturing in the innovation process. Antoinette translates future trends into innovative products and clear product strategies. Antoinette’s  unique style of development, based on her grasp of future trends, can be applied to all companies in the beauty industry and beyond.

 Her main expertise is the B2B business; she perfectly knows how to handle this complex world, innovating through integrating trend forecasting with manufacturing and generating B2B sales with her world-wide respected marketing trend presentations.  She is the only forecaster in the world specializing in raw materials and half products (semi-finished products). In this role she occupies a reknown position  in the cosmetic industry.

 At international trade fairs Antoinette is a well-known speaker. Reader’s Digest gives the following impression”…With her colorful hair, sometimes blue sometimes purple-and outré dress sense, she cuts a striking figure, and her forthright pronouncements about what we’re all going to look like in the not-too-distant future-such as male make-up, which she flagged up years ago-are often on the spot.  So if she says: “old” will be  ”cool” well is it so impossible? Van den Berg faces the future and can show that she is the first to translate that what seems “impossible” into innovative product concepts that match future consumer demands.

In order to gain insight in future trends one must not only understand a national market but the whole world’s market. For that reason, van den Berg travelled around the world and lived in many different countries. The journeys and contacts with other cultures broadened van den Berg’s horizon and shaped her into an innovator who can operate on a multinational and multicultural level.



US – News

 Live  Presentation Caroussel du Louvre, Paris. June 2014. Trend forecasting: “3D printable cosmetics applications, colours and trends for 2015″


Stand Make Up in Paris   June 2014  ” Presentation of 3D printed cosmetic applications and 3D printed accessory collection for 2015.  


Live Presentation, at Holland Beauty Award 2014, for Sanoma & Ici Paris. Trends and Innovations for 2015+, April 14th 2014  at the Harbour Club,  Amsterdam. Invitees only.


Panel discussion “Anti-Ageing joins the youth club” Hamburg with Cosmetic-Design.com  (William Reed Business Media) In-cosmetics Hamburg, Germany, 2nd of April 2014, 17.00 – 17.45 


Full House presentation Hamburg,  Live Trend forecasting  ”2015+ Trends, Colors and 3D Printable applications ” In-cosmetics Hamburg, Germany, 2nd of April 2014, 16.00 – 16.45 


Het Parool: February 2014 publication in weekend edition of the Amsterdam Newspaper


 Trend forecasting  at Packaging and innovation Zaandam, November 2013; 2015+ focus on color and 3d print design.


Full house at presentation Bangkok, October 2013,  Day 01;  Cosmetic trend forecasting 2015+; Focus on 3D print design Dau 02; Trend forecasting  men’s cosmetics and the Indian C & T market at the in-cosmetics the leading global Business platform for personal care ingredients in Bangkok, Thailand.


Presentation to L’Oreal / YSL, Paris: September 2013.  2015+  Colors and 3D print.


Presentation in Paris at the Beyond Beauty: September 2013  Live trend presentation by Antoinette van den Berg.


Trend Forecasting 2015+: August  2013, world wide on line Color Cosmetic Trend Forecasting 2015+ With 20 Colors and five collections of 3D printable cosmetic applications Client: sincere appreciation for a truly outstanding job on the Color Trends 2015; “Exquisite Beauty” 


First collection 3D printable yewlery, Augsut 2013 “One of my 3D talents designed a Future-Touch ring in silver and gold plated, I ‘Star’ Future-Touch with my Porsche and our building at the Herengracht… it’s incredible!”


Photo shoot: August 2013 by  Carine Verbruggen & Ferry Drenthem Soesman


Start 3D printable cosmetic applications, June 2013


 “Vrij Denkers Dinner 03″ ”Free Thinkers Dinner 02″ May 31  2013. Dinner in the studio at the Herengracht for unique business relations. In co-operation with Patricia Becker (Career Generators)


Live presentation for the Amsterdam Fashion Week: May 23 Amsterdam. Trend forecasting and the cosmetic industry;  ” Find a future trend and Innovate”


Concept innovative retail concept for a famous cosmetic care company (confidential), May 2013. Concept for an innovative retail theme, concept product range, concept logo.


Concept new identity for a production company (confidential) based the future strategy developed by Future-Touch, March 2013. Visualisation of identity; concept for logo, concept company colors, concept sales room, concept company cars park, concept food for guests, concept clothing details and mentality.


“Vrij Denkers Dinner 02″ ”Free Thinkers Dinner 02″ March  2013. Dinner in the studio at the Herengracht for unique business relations. In co-operation with Patricia Becker (Career Generators)


Trend Forecasting 2015+: March 2013, start world wide Color Cosmetic Trend Forecasting 2015+


“Vrij Denkers Dinner 01″ ”Free Thinkers Dinner 01″


Day seminar  at Beiersdorf / Nivea Hamburg, ( B2B)



US – Contact


E-mail: antoinette@future-touch.com    Phone: 00 31 20 7371252   Cellphone: 00 31 6 81162026

                      K.V.K. No: 08219213           Vat No.: NL 129082417B02